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Special Issue – IIOTSA

Communications Technologies and Infrastructures for Smart eHealth Systems

Guest editors

Yan Zhang, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
Magnus Jonsson, Halmstad University, Sweden
Minqiang Li, Tianjin University, China


With the fast development of communication, computer, and Internet technologies, the “Internet of Things (IoT)” area has attracted much attention in the last few years. In IoT systems, a variety of objects, e.g., sensors, RFID tags, mobile devices, actuators, and industrial equipments, are able to directly or indirectly communicate and cooperate with each other to reach information sensing and automatic control goals. Nowadays, Industrial IoT systems have shown to be effective management tools or platforms to support diverse applications, including intelligent manufacturing, product quality inspection, smart grid, equipment diagnostics, intelligent logistics, etc. These industrial applications, to a great extent, can help firm leaders to make good and timely decisions. However, there still remain some critical issues to be solved for the application of IoT systems in the industrial domain, for example, networking, sensor deployment, network security, software system, big data and analysis, information management, information services, query processing, and so on.
This special issue aims at presenting innovative research papers on the design, development, analysis, standardization and application of IoT in the field of industrial systems. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
– Architectures and systems of industrial IoT systems
– Communication protocols for industrial IoT systems
– Control and optimization of industrial IoT systems
– Cyber-physical approach for Industrial IoT systems
– Sensors and actuator networks for industrial IoT systems
– Security and privacy issues in industrial IoT systems
– Software/middleware in industrial IoT systems
– Big data and analysis in industrial IoT systems
– Information management systems for industrial IoT
– Application of industrial IoT systems, e.g., smart grid, factory, logistics, manufactures
– WirelessHART applications in industrial IoT systems
– Efficiency, reliability, availability, robustness, and fault-tolerance
– Simulation and experiment regarding industrial IoT